About the First Supporter Project. 

The First Supporter Project aims to provide a series of resources and inspiration to assist the spiritual leader in being the best support they can be for the particular situation.

Who is a First Supporter? • Rabbi   • Rebbetzin   • Kallah teacher  • Chosson teacher   • Mashpia/ Madrich  • Askan  •  anyone who works with people in need of support

In times of personal crisis, a person will often turn first to their spiritual/religious leader. 
The religious leader is in a unique position to respond to people who are impacted by a crisis because he or she is already in an established role, has a core of relationships, and brings a faith perspective that speaks to the need for meaning that is so pervasive in the human experience of suffering.

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Dr. Binyamin Tepfer received his doctoral degree in Educational Psychology from The Graduate Center, CUNY. He has received several advanced trainings and certifications in several modalities and areas of expertise, including cognitive therapy, rational emotive behavioral therapy, Interpersonal Psychoanalytic methods, family therapy, experiential modalities, marital therapy). family therapy and couple infidelity. He has also received certification as a sex addiction and multiple addictions therapist (CSAT, CMAT), and is a certified sex therapist (AASECT).

Currently, Dr. Tepfer maintains his full time private practice in Cedarhurst, Brooklyn, and Lakewood locations where he counsels individuals, couples, and families, and runs weekly recovery groups. Additionally, he is also the founding director of Arbor Intensives. He has a particular passion for working as part of a treatment team, harnessing the power of integrative healing to restore innate health.  

https://www.arborintensives.com           https://www.tepferandassociates.com

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